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Property Smart Capture Codes

A Smart Capture Code is a unique property identifier that can be used in print advertising and on sign riders to help generate mobile leads. We offer several types of Smart Codes, including dedicated codes called P-Codes, and reusable codes called X-Codes.

Agents and brokers capture leads by offering prospective clients the ability to “text for more information” about a property listed for sale or rent – giving them the opportunity to connect the way they want, when they want. This means that a prospective buyer can access information on a property virtually immediately, without having to stop to record any detail manually. And the agent benefits by obtaining the client’s contact details at the moment the client sends a text message.

Each property is assigned a Smart Capture Code that when sent via SMS to the Properties Online short code will automatically send the user information about the property, along with a link to the property’s mobile website.


A P-Code is a Smart Capture Code that is generated for a specific property and cannot be reassigned to a different property. An X-Code can be reassigned to a different property once the property it was originally assigned to has sold. Each user is given a limited number of X-Codes that they can use, and reuse for their listings. The main advantage to using the X-Code feature is the ability to purchase sign riders and then reuse them on different properties.