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Domain Name

When your Listings Unlimited Site is created, it includes its very own unique property address domain name. For example, if the listing’s address is 12 North Ave, the domain name will be something similar to 12North.IsForSale.com.

Having a unique domain name for your Listings Unlimited Site has several important benefits. First of all, it is important in terms of search engine optimization, because you want people who look for details on this particular property to find your website. In addition, having an entire website dedicated to their listing, including a custom domain name, makes clients VERY happy. It shows dedication, professionalism and knowledge about the latest tools in real estate marketing.  In addition, when you hang a custom domain rider sign, it shows the entire neighborhood that you know how to market properties online. Buyers are also impressed by property websites with unique domains, for similar reasons – it gives them all the info they need in one place, and it demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail.

“My agent created a website for my house! Check it out at 12North.IsForSale.com”

Another key advantage to having a property website is the viral marketing it generates — not only for the property but for the agent as well. The seller and new buyer will gladly send their friends and family to your property site to check out their home. Your clients are more likely to spread the word if the domain name is short and simple.


You also have the option to purchase a premium DOT COM domain or use one that you already own (i.e. 555MainStreet.com). The cost to register a new domain is $14.95 per year. If your listing lasts more than one year, you can renew your domain for the same annual fee.