Automated Voice Information (AVI)

Meet Avi

Introducing “Avi” our Automated Voice Information Robot!

Avi is not only a very useful tool for buyers, she can help you win listings as well. This automated feature will impress any home seller during your listing presentation. Think of Avi as your personal assistant ready to call your prospects with information about a property on demand.

Why use SMS to capture Real Estate Leads?

Texting is quicker and easier than a phone call or email, and can be done easily on the spot. Pew Research Center tells us that the most popular application on all smart phones is text messaging (SMS), and that greater than 31% of smartphone users prefer texting over voice calls.

Over 5 million of the world’s 6.8 million people own a cell phone, and Americans send more than 193 billion SMS and MMS messages every month. We use them because they’re fast, they’re convenient and they’re always at our fingertips. In fact, Morgan Stanley says 91% of all smart phone users keep their phones within arms’ reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So how do real estate agents actually go about using text messaging to capture leads? They start by marketing their listings online and with effective signage. Then they enable Smart Lead Capture (SLC), the mobile marketing system that connects the agent, the website and the property itself in a way that allows for seamless marketing over mobile devices.

How do prospects receive a call from Avi?

When a prospect uses your Smart Capture Code for more information about a property, our system automatically sends them information they requested. Along with the traditional property details and a link to the mobile website, we also send a few extra prompts that will enable them to request a call from Avi with more Info. That’s when our program goes to work converting the property’s text remarks into voice. Our text to speech engine will do the work for you. Next Avi will call your prospect and relay the information about the home. It’s pretty cool to say the least and another way for you to show off your mad marketing skills.